Safe School Photos

Photoshoot & Fundraiser

Covid-19 Update

Providing your school with an opportunity to obtain your yearly student and teacher photos in a safe, controlled environment.  Raise funds for your school at the same time!


Simple Bookings

We handle the entire booking process with our simple online booking system that allows parents to book and pay online, eliminating all manual handling by school admin.


Safely Captured

Parents / carers can choose the location for their childs school portrait to take place - at school, or in their front yard! Ask us about our Covid-19 and Safety Policy!


Priceless Memories

Don't let Covid-19 prevent your school community from updating their precious yearly photos. And better yet - raise funds for your school at the same time!

Flexible Package Options

Great Value for Parents, Essential Photos for Schools

We have a wide range of package options available, from very low prices and catering for all families, at all budgets.  We also offer free photography for all staff!



From small keyring sized photos through to large portraits, we have prints options to meet every need.



Bring your students together, with our class montage photos. Providing a snapshot of every class throughout your school this year, and of course a wonderful memory for your students and families too.



As is the way of the world, digital downloads are included in every package to ensure photos are never lost or damaged and received instantly online.


Our unique booking systems will factor in siblings, along with sibling package discounts.

Future Downloads

Want to re-download your photos next year because you can't remember where you saved your digital files? No worries! You'll be able to access all your photos throughout the years.

Personalised Extras

We have some fun personalised extras, such as calendars, puzzles and newspaper articles available as add-ons to your package.

Find Out More

Get in touch today to find out how our package works and how to get started.  Or complete the form below to request an information pack for your school.