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Family Photography - Location or Studio

Family portraiture is not just about taking a few happy snaps of the family.  It's about capturing that moment in time that reflects your true image - the love, the laughter and the sparkle in your eye. Family fun is so important to capture.  It reminds everyone about their little quirks as they reflect upon their memories.Our images are refined and artworked to the highest fine art portraiture standards.

We offer family photoshoots at your choice of location - your home, a local park or another location (we can help you choose if you're not sure), and we also offer studio shoots if you're after that particular look and feel. Our family photo shoots will include any combination of photos you require - we will happily tailor the session to yours and your family's needs for the day.

Fun, Relaxed, Natural & Candid

Our photoshoot style is unobtrusive and candid. Sure - we can pose you up a bit if you're feeling a bit stuck or lost in the moment, but generally speaking, we like to capture people being themselves - we find that these often make for the most memorable experiences and provide gorgeous natural style photos - the ones that make your soul smile and your heart melt.

We've had plenty of experience with the little people too - so don't be too concerned if you think your children might be too shy, or slightly extroverted - we'll find a way to capture them and tell their story through memories.

Children's Box Photography

Looking for something fun and unique for you children's memories this year?  Why not try our box photography option - a great option for children about 5 years and under (although totally fine for older children too!).

Box photography photoshoots are just as much about your children getting involved and having fun, as they are about capturing unique and eye-catching photos.  We'll work with your childs outgoing (or shy) personality, and tailor the session around their needs, likes and favorite toys.  They get to play in the box, and make all sorts of funny faces and poses, as we have fun creating these masterpiece artworks.

Box photography prints can be customised to your desired colours and sayings, and look great as a center piece for your childs bedroom wall!

Professional Photos and Video
Family Photography

Welcome Pack & Pre-Shoot Consultation

All of our packages include a welcome pack that we will send you after your booking is made - your welcome pack will provide you with lots of information including information about the portraiture timeline, a guide on what to wear, and a few other bits and pieces that we think we'll help you with your shoot.
Inside your welcome pack, we'll also be giving you a little thank-you gift! So keep an eye on the post once you've confirmed your booking to make the most of your gift!

We'll also have a pre-shoot consultation with you to find out what you're hoping to achieve with your photoshoot - so that we can be best equipped to meet your needs, and to answer any further questions you might have prior to the shoot. It also helps us to get to know you better too so that we don't feel like complete strangers (if we haven't already met you before!).

Online Digital Gallery

Generally speaking, most photoshoots will achieve a minimum of about 30 to 40 photos. We'll upload these for you to an online gallery - which you can share with family and friends.

Free Print

If you're getting a family, maternity or newborn photoshoot with us - we don't want you to walk away with the mindset of 'I'll get that photo printed up later and put into that special frame...'. We know - that it just doesn't happen!
So we'll give you a matted 8x10" photo print for free - making it easier for you to get those memories up on the wall with no excuses!

Find Out More

If you'd like to know more about family portraiture package information or pricing download our package information at this link (we'll email you our package pricing and inclusions list).
Otherwise feel free to contact us any time by using this contact form or phone Michelle on 0423 308 303.

Contact us to receive a detailed copy of our current package information and pricing.